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Monday, June 27, 2005

Where oh where...

have all the bloggers gone?

stupid work...I haven't had time
stupid work is right
It was my understanding that if the Blog was quite the Cubs were losing. . .was that a bad assumption?
Is it a bad assumption that you were attempting to spell "quiet?" And no, "stupid work" has been my excuse, as well.

The Cubs are only three games back of the Wild Card, and are just getting two of their best three pitchers back this week. Not to mention there will be some sort of trade(s) to push them over the top. Considering how depleted this team is due to injury, it is amazing that they are this close, and I have nothing but wide-eyed optimism for the second half of the season.
stupid work...has that been said yet. At least most of you have blog access at work.

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