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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who is the dumb one??

I just have to laugh at this--John Kerry, who was the "intellectual choice" in last year's presidential election versus George "dumb-ass hick" W. Bush, had part of his Navy records released this week. Well, here were their cumulative grade scores while at Yale:

Bush: 77
Kerry: 76

Bush wins again. God, that's funny.

And the dumb one is....the american public
Ahhhh, just the kind of response I was hoping for.
The reason I loved this story is simple. It wasn't bringing Bush up to the level Kerry tries to create for himself. It was more about bringing Kerry down to Bush's level.

And seriously, it's not like we all didn't realize Kerry was a poser.
NP, you sure back pedal quickly. Seems like in November you were ready to have Kerry be the surrogate father of your future children. Now you are calling him a "poser" That's a good line, did you pick that up on MTV.
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