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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!!!

Apparently, the trade mill is in full, uh, rotation. Anyways, check this action!!

The NY Post, ESPN Radio, and XM Radio are all reporting that the Cubs may be close to a deal that would put Gary Sheffield in a Cubs' uniform. Rumors are swirling around as to whom the Cubs would give the Yankees in return and how much of Sheffield’s contract the Cubs would be responsible for. Although nothing is for certain, Corey Patterson or Jason Dubois have been mentioned as possibly being involved as well as Cubs pitcher Sergio Mitre. This morning on the MLB Homeplate program on XM radio, Larry Bowa, and Buck Martinez went so as far as to say that the Yankees and the Cubs were working on a deal that would send Gary Sheffield to Chicago. They mentioned none of the other players in the deal, but they expected it to go down within the week. That is a pretty bold statement and it would be a pretty interesting to see what Sheffield could do in a Cubs' uniform.

GARY SHEFFIELD FOR COREY PATTERSON OR JASON DUBOIS?????!!!!!!????? Good God, I'll pay for the plane tickets! I'll buy Sheff and CP their new uniforms, for God's sake!! Get this done, Hendry!!!!

There's got to be more involved than just this. The Yankees generally don't make really boneheaded midseason trades, as much as I hate them. And Patterson or Dubois for Shef is just a totally boneheaded trade.
No, it's not. It cuts about $18-20 million off the Yanks payroll over the next year and a half, plus it gives the Yanks young talent they can trade away for superstars. There would be a young stud pitcher in the Cubs system involved, too.
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