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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Friday the 22nd

In case anyone didn't already know, Sarah and I are moving to Chicago in two weeks so that she can go back to school. Anyway, we are going to be in Omaha this coming Friday (the 22nd) to go out one last time with anyone who would like to join. We don't have a plan yet. O.C. and I will try to figure something out later in the week, but it looks like we will get to town around 7-8 ish and go from there. We look forward to seeing anyone who would like to come.

Word to your mother--I'm in.
Hernandez and myself have softball at 8:30. Now I do not know how Sanchez feels about blowing off the game, but if they have enough players I will. On a side note your truly is tearing up Friday night softball going six for seven with a walk of the past two games, and teams are now refusing to hit the ball to left field due to my tenacious defense (if you get a chance on Friday ask me about my crafty veteran assist last game.) Any way did some talking today with the MIB and we are thinking that the Homey. Since there is a possibility Hernandez and myself maybe be late, I say as soon as they get into town, the move to the Homey maybe appropriate. The MIB and I though that that this establishment usually provides a great atmosphere, quality music at a decibel level where conversations can be held, and Champaign to toast these two into their new life as Cubs fans.
Cubs fan my ass. Just because I am going to live on the dark side, does not mean that I will give in to it's ideals. I'm a Sox fan, mark my words.

Anyway, the Homey sounds fine. We are cool with whatever. If you guys don't skip your game then maybe we'll come and watch. I haven't taken in a good softball game for a while.
I've never turned down the Homey. Sounds great.
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