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Friday, July 08, 2005

Gets of the Week

1. Chuck Klosterman's new book, "Killing Yourself to Live--85% of a True Story." It is (predictably) fantastic. Very funny, particularly the part about how he meets up with some friends who now live in Minneapolis--he goes into a tanget about how he forgot how great Midwestern power drinking is, and how people in New York have no idea what "drinking" is.

2. This isn't new, but get MF Doom's "MM..Food." The guy is easily my favorite underground MC. I've mentioned this to anyone that will listen, but I liken him to a really smart ODB.

3. As mentioned in Pete's post, go see "Batman Begins." I'm totally blank on his name right now, but the director (of "Momento" fame) does a fantastic job of developing Bruce Wayne--you finally see where he learned to fight like he does, and where all his gadgets came from. It's a great movie--there's a lot more to it than fight scenes and things blowing up. Plus the mob aspect of the movie makes it seem a lot more like it could happen, as opposed to, oh, say a Mr. Freeze? Or Poison Ivy? Or that entire God-awful "Batman Forever?" Can we pretend that this movie didn't happen?

That director would be Christopher Nolan. Hopefully Hollywood is wising up and figuring out that if you trust talented people and stay the fuck out of their way, you won't end up with as many pieces of crap.

I'm also applying this theory to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, which I will now give a chance due to Tim Burton
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