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Friday, July 15, 2005

I was released this morning

Well, the doctors finally cleared me after the MIB birthday debacle. Thanks to all those who came and visited me in the hospital. I just wanted to put down some random thoughts now that I can actually post on the blog again.
1) Coldplay is awesome and we're not arguing about this. Anyone who says contrary will receive a ticking package in the mail.
2) The semi-new single from Gorillaz, "Feel Good, Inc." is really good. You can go ahead and argue with that one Pete.
3) Golden days are here again with the arrival of NCAA 2006. Of course, the MIB has already won one national championship and a heisman (he plays on junior varsity). And he should be simulated through the next millenium by Saturday. Despite his total disregard for the integrity of the game, there are some really good additions to this year's installment. The new race for the heisman lets you concentrate on playing the actual games and improving a single player. Also, in-season recruiting in dynasty mode is pretty sweet. Finally, the new spring camp drills are fun mini-games that don't take a half hour to play. Give it a check if you want, Goods you can go ahead disregard all of this.
4) GA Hill was actually right about that MF Doom CD. He's still THE COOLEST MUTHA FUCKA AROUND. (YOU AND YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT CAN EAT A DICK) OK, what in the fuck is going on with the Supreme Court? One second Rehnquist is going to step down, and then he's not going to. Wasn't he supposed to be dead by this point? And now the GOP is asking O'Connor to stay on for another year. Doesn't Bush want to appoint a new justice? It's not like its that big a deal, you're trading conservative for conservative. The only issue this could affect is abortion and they would never rescind Casey v. Planned Parenthood because abortion is an institution in this country now. Too many people depend upon it, which is kind of sad in a way. My stance: Souter and Ginsberg should step down because they're idiots who could hold much more sway within the Court if they could simply decide which issues they are going to hardball. Instead, they just want to go against the Big Bad Four on every issue, so Kennedy gets the deciding vote in every controversial case. And don't get me started on that fence-sitting, "the facts determine the outcome" jackass. The Supreme Court should never decide a case on facts, their job is setting law, not having different outcomes dependent on the facts.
6) Nerd warning. I'm going to geekout just a little bit more than I already have. On September 13, Square-Enix is releasing a new CGI movie called Advent Children on DVD and UMD (PSP). I watched the trailer last night and it was unbelievable how much the characters looked like living, breathing human beings. Everyone can disregard this one.
7)Finally, Dr. D-Bag (aka Paul) wants to organize a trip to Costa Rica next summer. Normally I would just tell him to go fuck himself, but this actually seems pretty cool. Just keep it in mind for a good trip for all of us to take, aside from the annual Phoenix "72 hours with a average BAC of .264" family vacation. Another thought I had was going to see the new World Cup of Baseball that Selig is humping like a Rick in heat.

Well, have a good weekend in accordance with the prophecy.
Big Boi: Rookie - Professional Drinking Circuit (PDC)
24 56 1 17 .423 .220

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