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Friday, July 08, 2005

More hits than Corey Patterson in AAA...

Since no one posts on here anymore, I will throw out a few random comments to amuse myself:

1. Corey Patterson's demotion to the minor's is the first thing I've seen about the Cubs in a week that has made me laugh. Oh, what a glorious day!

2. Of course I don't feel bad about Texas winning the CWS pool for me, you a-holes dropped 'em on my lap. I'm happy to report that all the money collected so far has been blown, mostly at The Boats last Sunday.

3. I'm not making the mistake again of missing the upcoming Faint show at Sokol.

4. Dave and Buster's is really fun, especially when incorporating gambling to the drinking, fried app extravaganza and video games.

5. Speaking of food, there is not a better steak in town than the whiskey filet at the Drover.

6. I spent about 50 bucks on football previews this week, and I think that it's imperative we get a 12 team fantasy league going with participants from this blog, I'll volunteer to be the commish.

7. Went to the new Batman Begins yesterday. Thought it was fantastic. I would give it a solid A to A- on the Entertainment Weekly scale.

You can respond if you did read this.

Pete, congrats on winning the pool. I had flordia and i believe we decided that second didn't have to pay...if i'm wrong let me know and i'll get you payment....

Only months away until i can start blowing away weeks worth of paychecks on teams like Florida Atlantic University becuase I like their incoming recruiting class.
Holy crap have I been salivating at the thought of football gambling...I can't wait until the first Cincinnati-Rice Thursday night game with the 68 point over/under, good times all around!
Also, OC was telling me that you actually win 20 bucks. I, like yourself, was under the impression that you just got your money back but he told me otherwise. Anyway, talk to him.
Thank God CPat got demoted.

Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies I have seen in the last 5 years or so.
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