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Monday, July 11, 2005

National Holiday Alert!!!

NCAA Football 2006 comes out tonight, and Big Boi and I are planning on going to buy it at midnight.

We did this same thing last year and you wouldn't believe how many losers like us there are. Literally hundreds of people were in line shelling out 50 bones to play this game eight hours before everyone else. We just happened to be the oldest dorks, so we went to the bar next door and drank and waited for the line to die down.

In a related story, the fact that the both of us have been laid before is a miracle.

Prediction: MIB has simulated through the year 2015 by the end of the week and is working on the 2016 recruiting class.
This game is unbelievable. I was a huge fan of the hit stick and am glad they added it to NCAA and I am now an even bigger fan of using the analog stick to perform your juke moves.(especially hitting back on it making your runner do a bounce back stutter step thing, or pushing it foward to have your runner lower his shoulder and bring the boom.) By the way, I have only played twice and would like to nominate Bowling Green as the most fun team in the game. With Omar Jacobs at QB and Charles Sharon at WR this offense is the definition of explosive.
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