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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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When are teams going to realize that you DON'T pitch to Neifi Perez in clutch situations???? Nice hit to tie up the game, dawg.

Even nicer, though, was the hustle and slide by Ronny Cedeno (#11) to win the game after a sac fly by Jeromy "man, was I wrong about this guy" Burnitz. All props are due to Neifi for his heroics over the last two days, but Cedeno should be out there playing everyday. He can hit, he plays hard, and is a good fielder. Oh, and he's really fast. But Dusty can't let go of his boys. How Cedeno and Matt Murton (without either of them tonight, the Cubs lose) don't play everyday is infuriating. We signed Perez and Todd Hollandsworth as backups. BACKUPS!! Not everyday guys! You've got two kids who are Major League ready at their positions (and I think are potential All-Stars), and we sit them in favor of Hollandsworth...who was 5-27 over his last 32 AB's.

When does Dusty's contract run out again?

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