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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random stuff...

-- Congratulations to hockey. I know that I may be in the minority, but I am actually looking forward to another hockey season.

-- As if I dind't already despise the Twins enough, what with them being a division rival with the White Sox and the fact that they are Paul's favorite team, but now they have Brett Boone to boot. I hope he strikes out in more home-run derbies (oh wait, he would have to make an all-star team again to do that) and does more cocky bat flips after hitting towering fly balls to the second baseman.

-- According to an employee, the Best Buy in Lincoln is the biggest seller of NCAA Football games in the nation. Must be because there is only one store in town it is a big football area.

--You should all give the band Calexico a listen.

-- I know as an American I should be sympathetic to Britain, with 9/11 and all, but the news coverage on these bombings in London and the outcry around the world seems a little overboard. Terrorists (insurgents) are bombing innocent people everyday in Iraq with numbers that at the end of the week far excceed the casualty numbers in London, and these stories are just blurbs at the bottom of the screen or buried on page 4a of the paper. Don't get me wrong it is horrible act and I feel for the people, but maybe the world should start paying that much attention to what is happening in Iraq.

--Rumor is that the White Sox may try to acquire Joe Randa. I know O.C. will be with me when I say that would be awesome. He has the kind of "give it all you got," working man's ball player attitude that the white sox are feeding on right now.

-- I am actually looking forward to the upcoming college football/husker season. Mainly because I am leaving Lincoln. I think being in Chicago, and getting away from the "fans" in Lincoln will actually make me a bigger supporter. The last few years in Lincoln have tarnished my opinion of the team, not because I think they have made bad decisions, because I don't, but because the fans are increasingly less tolerable. Some of the B.S. that has come from the mouths and pens of these people is ridiculous.

Anyway, just thought I would just thought I would spill a little onto the ol' blog. It seems a little lack luster lately.

The things that Husker fans say makes me apprehensive to admit I root for the team in public. They just have absolutely no sense of reality at all. When did this happen?

Also, I find it unfathomable that standing up and cheering makes people yell at you to sit down. A collective "F off" to those people. I've been to other colleges where you don't even sit down, ever. To say that the Huskers have the best fans in the nation is absurd and I hate to admit that.
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