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Friday, July 22, 2005

Who is on your Overrated list?

So I was bored the other day and starting looking up stats and found that Cub pitching is not the lights out dominating pitching that Wrigleyville would try to lead us to believe....here is what I found.

The stats go in this order (A) First Year In the Bigs (B)Starts (C)Wins (D)Loses (E)Win%

Kerry Wood A. 1998 B. 174 C. 70 D. 53 E) .569

Mark Prior A. 2002 B. 84 C. 37 D. 19 E) .661

Roy Oswalt A. 2001 B. 130 C. 76 D. 35 E) .689

Sorry it's hard to read but the main point is that I don't know how much I have heard about how dominating Wood and Prior are. It's ridiculous and annoying how everyone on the Cubs team gets so overhyped, I think this is why I hate them. Honestly, Wood has been pitching 3 more years than Oswalt yet he has 6 less wins. Oswalt came into the league 1 year before Prior and has more than doubled his wins. Oswalt has 46 more starts sure, but he also has 39 more wins. But when I hear overrated these are the two at the top of my list.

Oh and by the way if you couldn't tell by just reading the post, I was the one who wrote it...not KC_FAN.
If you could find me more than five GMs in MLB that would take Oswalt over Prior, I would give you $100.

Wood is overrated, I'll agree with that.
And how does "having freak injuries/arm troubles" translate into "overrated?" Prior is far from underrated. In 2003, he missed time due to a baserunning collision, this year due to a line drive smoked on his arm. That is not his fault. Couple that with the Cubs being too overcautious, and that leads to the disparity in wins.
To catch up with Oswalts wins, Prior has to win 39 of his next 46 starts and even you have to realize that he has no chance of doing that. And honestly whats the difference between Wood and Prior? I think only age, we can all start calling Prior the young Kerry Wood.

On another note, I don't see why GM's wouldn't take Oswalt over Prior, not everyone cremes their pants over cub players. After all Oswalt is only beating him in every category except maybe K's, but I ask you this...If you were a GM would you be happier with Oswalt who was a 23rd round draft pick, or Prior who was 1st round, I believe 2nd pick overall. It's a no brainer. Oswalt was picked 22 rounds later and has better stats. The only flaw I think you have against him is that he is not playing for the Cubs so he doesn't get over hyped.
Warren Sapp
Who gives a shit when he was drafted. I'm saying right now, you take a survey, they would take Prior. Prior and Wood are so different, it is night and day--do you watch baseball? Prior is like Maddux with power. He has excellent control of his fastball, but happens to throw it 95 mph. He has four ++ pitches. Kerry Wood throws it as hard as he can and hopes it doesn't get hit. So there is a huge difference.

Watch some fucking baseball and get back to me on this fucking retarded argument.
Your right based on this year no one would want Oswalt, after all he has a lower era (2.41 compared to 3.15) and has more wins (13 to 7).

Now I don't watch baseball, so maybe thats where I am getting confused...but don't you want to go with the lower era?
As a side note, I would like to point out that GA_Hill is the same guy who said that when the Astros signed Roger Clemens 2 years ago that Greg Maddux was just as good if not better because there is no way Roger is going to be as dominant in the National League.

By the way, you were wrong on that one. We will just have to wait and see about the Prior Vs. Oswalt.
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