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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bad Day

I thought I was having a hell of a day, when Kyle and I decided to go hit up a couple of Philly's at Barrette's. To my surprise Captain Control Mark Prior gave up a single and two walks in the first. . . .don't know how that ended (Grand Slam) but I imagine that everyone favorite Allstar got out of the jam.

As I have said before....Overated (clap clap clap-clap-clap)

So Mike, are you ready to admit that Prior is the young Kerry Wood?

I mean look at his final line for the day...4 innings pitched, 6 earned runs all by way of the homerun. If I was to give you that line and ask you to guess who was pitching not only would you guess Kerry Wood (if of course he was healthy), but you would probable figure that he went on the DL immediatly after the game.
Noet:This has nothing to do with how bad Prior is, I just don't have the ability to do my own post.

Madden '06 was released today to surprisingly mixed reviews. It seems the main thing that people are disagreeing on is the new QB vision which is a cone that shows where the qb is looking. You can still throw outside your cone of vision but the Qb's accuracy drops big time. Also, the size of the qb's vision depends on their awareness rating. So Peyton is going to have a lot bigger cone than Eli. A lot of reviews are bitching about this new feature (even though you can turn it off). I think it sounds phenominal. Having the ablity on Defense to watch the Qb's eyes or vise versa, being the qb and looking off the defense to me sounds incredible. Added to this years edition is also the Superstar mode (similar to race for the heisman) where you create a player and try and get him signed on with a team. Once you are signed you have all kinds of options such as demanding trades, holding out on you contract, fun stuff like that. I think the main goal though is to become as popular as possible so you get endorsments. So I will be buying Madden after work today and I am sure enjoyment will pursue.
Jesus Christ, I'm going to ban you from posting anything on here, considering that your posts are unreadable (did you take an English class at any point of your life), not to mention that they're stupid. One bad outing does not make a pitcher. So have your fun, and we'll see who has a better career.
Just cause the cubs are in 4th place in the NL central doesn't mean you have to take it out on everyone else.
And another thing.

All I'm trying to do is add a little diversity, mix things up, show a different view. If Prior would have thrown a one hitter you know you would have put a post up about it, for gods sake we had two post on Neifi Perez.
Prior had a better line yesterday

7 innings, 8 hits, 3 earned, no decision, but gave up 2 dongs.

Unfortunately that line did not help Chicago from losing their seventh straight.
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