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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big XII Fantasy Time!

Here are the rules: 8 participants (Gage and I are already in) will compete in a no-defense, Big 12 only league consisting of teams of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K and one bench player.

Gage is developing a spreadsheet which will be posted on this site every Monday after the games letting everyone know who the winners are.

The games will be decided by who has the most points using the following rules:
QB: 1 pt=20 yds of passing, 10 yds rushing. 6 pts=any TD -2 for INT or Fumble

RB, WR, and TE: 1 pt=10 yds of rushing, receiving, 6 pts= any TD -2 for INT or fumble

K: 1 pt for ex points, 3points for any FG less than 40, 4 for any FG more than 40

Teams are allowed only one bench player in order to make rosters in constant fluctuation.

Weekly, games will be played head to head between league members. Then 6 teams will enter into a three week Big 12 fantasy playoff where the top two seeds will receive byes into the semifinals.

Roster moves will be made by email request IN ORDER to an account to be developed later.

The draft will take place prior to the beginning of the season, hopefully online if we can work it out.

I realize there is still some grey area which requires patience due to the bold innovation of such a league. A small fee will be required. Let me know who wants in or if there are any major issues not addressed.

if it says fantasy and league in the same sentence you can always count me in....With the first pick i'll take whoever the hell is TTech's qb this year.
I'm in, provided we get a little more in depth on roster moves and how quickly the rest of the league can learn when players are picked up and taken off of rosters.
I didn't have time to expand on roster moves yesterday, so here goes:

The roster moves will be placed in an email account on Yahoo I will set up, probably something like 'northplatteisgreat@yahoo.com' or 'toddlikesmaleballs@yahoo.com.'

In order to make a transaction, you will log in and put your transaction in the subject line of an email you send to the account. An example would be an email with the subject of, "drop Matt Herian." Then if someone wants him, they just write an email to the account that says "add Matt Herian."

Transactions will be credited by chronological order.

Any other questions?
How are we going to handle wr and rb's who have return yds and touchdowns? Just disregard the return yds and keep the tds or something else?
I say we don't include them, any objections?
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