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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Read This Blog!


I don't know how these guys have the time to read every article written on baseball on the planet everyday just to completely rip said articles into shreds, but they do.

And it is hilarious. Here's a sample to whet the ol' appetite (the parts in quotes are from the article that is getting torn apart):

"Bonds told MLB.com that his doctors have recommended that he not try to play this year. His right knee, which underwent three arthroscopic procedures in the first five months of the year and was attacked by a severe infection, is still swollen. Get it completely healthy, the doctors told him, and come back strong next year."

Okay, well, that seems like as good a reason as any for sitting out.

"Bonds is not known for taking advice, but he’s going with the doctors on this one."

What? You're criticizing Barry Bonds for taking the advice of doctors? Are you some kind of Christian Scientist or something? "Hey, Lou Gehrig. Sack up, guy. I don't care how rare that disease is. The least you can do is pinch hit every few days. Take one for the team." "Dave Dravecky, you incredible pussy. Stop whining about your amputated left arm. You still got the right one don't you? Pick up a friggin' bat."

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