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Monday, August 01, 2005

The tightest pants in baseball...

are making their way to Atlanta.
Yep, that's right Kyle Farnsworth is a Brave after a last minute deadline trade with the Tigers. Why does Schuerholz always do this to me...I make fun of a Cub's player for years and than they torture me by making him a Brave...same thing happened to me last year when they signed Alfonseca (i'll admit though, i eventually fell in love with the 6th finger). Should be interesting to see what the ladies of hotlanta think of Kyle and his tight panted bulge.

I thought the tightest pants award went to Chipper.

-The Rod
Farnsy has the most smedium pants in baseball, for sure.

I think this is a huge pickup for the Bravos--he and Bobby Cox's families are friends, he's from Atlanta, and he has a real coaching staff down there. I still think that Farnsworth can be the most dominant relief guy in baseball--now he has the coaches to do teach how to be that.

I'd be pretty excited, EZT.
At some point I just have to give it up to the Braves. Not only do they pull the trigger on a fantastic trade but they are just killing people on the field as well.

Furthermore, have you seen these left handed young bats? They have at least five home grown guys that I would kill to get onto the Cubs. They have Jeff Franceour who is hitting approximately .600 and they have a young catcher that also has a sweet swing. Throw in Kelly Johnson and you have a combined age of 65.

Keep in mind I'm talking about their hitting without even discussing their pitching talent.

Kudos to them
Pete, I love you.
No in all honesty i've been saying since May that I am more excited about the Braves team than I have any other in probably the last 6 years. The youth of this team is incredible...every day half the lineup is filled with rookies. AND you've got 2 starting prospects in Sosa (currently 6-1) and Davies as well.
But all of this eventually goes back to one thing....Bobby Cox. It may be a homer call here, but he proves every year why he's the best manager in the league. He has the Braves overachieving so far this year.
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