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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Get Lost

Lost is far and away the best show on television. For those of you who haven't yet jumped on the show's band wagon, do it NOW! Every episode is better than the one before and every single one leaves you hanging on the edge with something awesome just about to happen. If you have never seen the show you need to do two things: Buy the first season on DVD (or just rent it from ToddBuster), and set the DVR to record both episodes that will be on next Wed. (the first episode will be last night's episode). I fully guarantee the best television experience ever or your money back.

Another show that you may want to start watching is Kitchen Confidential which is on Mondays after Arrested Development. The first two minutes of the premiere was probably the best opening any show has ever had. That two minutes progressed from the chef taking pulls off a bottle of Vodka while preparing a meal to having sex with some chick in the kitchen to doing blow with two chicks in the kitchen to getting thrown out on the street naked to hitting his boss and, finally, to working as a cook at a low rent Olive Garden type place. If you aren't laughed out from Arrested Development, give it a try.

P.S. Sawyer is officially the biggest badass ever. Come on, the man dug a bullet out of his shoulder with his bare hands.

Just a quick word of agreement that preliminary evidence is indicating that while Kitchen Confidential isn't great, it is worth watching.
Yo Blogger !

I found you while searching for myspace music code - I think music rocks! Right now I'm diggin into http://www.claycotton.com - Awesome piano mania!!

- Frank

Hey - Tonight, I'm being blown away by the "nuclear-meltdown, piano-mania, happy blues" piano music at http://www.claycotton.com. And I can't stop smiling :)

I wonder if you like it as much as I do... Lemme know, ok?


- Tim
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