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Friday, September 30, 2005

One more if I may

If can add one more to the list of "overlooked" of our lifetime:


I was just listening to an old album of their's, "Back in Business" The album was released in the mid-nineties after they had broken up for a few years. It's not like I forgot how good they are, I just forget to listen to them. And then everytime I do I wonder why the hell I haven't been listening to them more. I would probably put these two on my top 10 rap acts. "Back in Business" is awesome. It sort of has that "Chronic 2000" feel to it. As if they are saying "Yeah, that's right, were going to make another album, and yes it is going to be awesome. Deal with it bitches." Throw on a guest appearances by Das EFX, on the track "Intrigued" and it just gets that much better.

Anyway, all y'all bitches should add some EPMD to you collections. And some DAS EFX while you are at it.

I guess sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
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