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Monday, September 26, 2005

Say a prayer...

...for D'Angelo. Apparently he was in a car accident and was in critical condition. This just after being convicted of DUI and coke possession.

I have said (to the shagrin of many on this board) that Voodoo is one of the top five albums made in our lifetime. For me, it just might be my favorite album ever. He is an amazingly talented artist, and I would be very, very sad if it ended like this.

I hope that he gets out of the hospital soon, and gets his life straightened out.


UPDATE: I know you guys don't care, but look at his ride--someone was telling me about how they saw a Hummer that rammed the back of a car in Omaha yesterday, and said the car was totally smashed, and the Hummer looked brand new (think it might have been Man in Black). Keep that in mind looking at this picture of D'Angelo's car. Frightening.

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