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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thoughts on Saturday

I was just wondering what everybody's doing on Saturday. I was thinking about having one of those old school, get a keg and puke by 10PM type days. Either that or we could have one those old testament, wrath of God type bar tabs too. Let me know.

I think we were planning on watching the game at Dort's while the Deva serves drinks. . .
I know. Rediculous bar tab here I come.
Hey jackass, it is spelled DIVA!
It would be way cooler if Devo were serving drinks, followed up by some whipping cigarettes out of the mouths pretty girls.

long live Devo!!
Diva was absolutely the most fitting nickname that was ever given. You even spew menstrual blood when somebody mispells your nickname.
Well, if OC wants to stay on the tour, he better get the star's name right, bitch!

By the way, nice call, napa. Being at a party with Devo playing/serving drinks and whipping cigarettes would be, quite possible, the coolest party in the history of the world.
Is anyone going to the game?
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