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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today's "Just Shut Up" Award Goes To...

Jill Gualding, and any other ultra-sensative d-bag at the University of Iowa. Gualding, a law professor at Iowa, says that "I want the locker room gone." What locker room, you ask? The visiting team's locker at their football stadium. Hayden Fry, Iowa football god who was a psychology major, commissioned the locker room to be painted pink decades ago, because pink has a "calming and passive" effect on people.

According the the ESPN.com, critics (including several professors and students) say that the use of pink "demeans women, perpetuates offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality, and puts the university in the uncomfortable position of tacitly supporting these messages."

Oh my God. I don't even know what direction to go with this. I've got a couple, and they probably contradict themselves, but whatever:

--You know who is "perpetuating offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality?" These stupid demonstrators! No supporter of this is out there saying "we like it because whoever we're playing is automatically a girl/homosexual for dressing in this locker room," are they? No. NO. It is these crazed people that simply don't have enough to do. You read why Fry had this done--he was looking for any angle to be one-up on his opponents.

--Pink is a girly color. Period. Football is a man's sport. Period. It is funny that Iowa painted their visitor's locker room pink. That's it. SHUT UP.

--Does the color pink have its own PR firm? Lobbyist group? What is going on here? And if the use of pink with things intended to come off as "girly" goes, does this group of "critics" go after women's clothing lines that produce clothes/accessories that have pink in them? What about the "Safe Place" stickers you see everywhere on college campuses that signify that particular office/building is a tolerant/safe place for those in the G/L/T community? Aren't those...*gasp*...PINK????? So, should this group with gay/lesbian rights in mind go after....gay/lesbian groups that use the pink triangle to signify that certain places are safe for homosexuals? When you look at it this way, it certainly seems that there are much bigger fish to fry out there before they should be worrying about Iowa's football locker room.

--Do these "critics" even go to football games? Why the f*** do they care??

My head hurts.

By the way, I just remembered that the upside down triangle "Safe Place" stickers are probably purple-pink, leaning closer to purple. But you understand the point.
When do I get my pink shirt back, Mikey?
I do like some pink shirts, Pete. It is at DP's, and I actually meant to bring it Monday. I'll get it to you this weekend.
I'm with this lady. Pink does perpetuate stereotypes of girls and homosexuals. Here are a few things that also need to have pink taken away from them:

Pink eye -- this seems to say that only girls and homosexuals get red, pufy eyes.

Pink slips -- this seems to say that girls and homosexuals can't keep good jobs and always get laid off.

Pink Salmon -- this says that all girls and homosexuals belong underwater trying to make it upstream to procreate.

Pinky finger and pinky toe -- this seems to say that girls and homosexuals are the weakest of the group and belong at the end of the hand or foot.

Seriously though, I think it is awesome that the visiting locker room is pink. They should take it one step further and add vanity mirrors with jars of potpourri and candles placed throughout the room. Maybe throw up some Georgia O'keefe paintings.

Pete, I am wearing your pink shirt today. Forgot to bring a shirt to wear to work to Omaha last night.

Something tells me I won't need it as much as I will need a replacement liver when I go to Oktoberfest in Hays, KS this weekend.

Actually a pink shirt does perpetuate homosexuality there and would probably get me assaulted.
Yeah, same as North Platte. Thank goodness I am wearing the pink shirt in the booming metropolis of Lincoln, Nebraska--epicenter of progressive thinking.

And it looks so cute! :) :)
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