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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Uh, what's going on here?

Alright, let me get this straight: 3 hurricanes over the last month; one of which destroying a major US city and another one on its way to doing the same with Houston. There was , according to a news station headline, "Mysterious 'Ball of Fire' Seen in Florida Skies" seen by thousands of people. A tornado in Minneapolis. And now, a series of earthquakes in Los Angeles.

Does this make anyone else kind of sit up straight and start to wonder what the hell is going on here? Does anyone else feel like they're meeting with the Mayor of NYC in Ghostbusters here, and say "Mr. Mayor, this is some real, Armageddon-type stuff?" (c) Ray Stantz? Or "Mr. Mayor, I have shit that will turn you WHITE!" (c) Winston Zedmore

And now, I will let the smart assed remarks flood the comments page. Big Boi, has your boss mentioned anything lately?

I have seen lots of documentation suggesting that the increase of global temperatures by a few degrees has altered the circulation patterns of weather. I even heard that big earthquake hitting New York City wouldn't be out of the question if things keep going this way.

Oh, wait... scrap all that. I forgot according, to Bush and his administration that is all specualtion and is in now way true. I forgot, my bad. Everything is cool and will be for many centuries to come. Nothing is out of the ordinary.

On a related note did anyone read the story in the recent Rolling Stone about Bush and his changes to environmental policies during his tenure in office? The thing reads like a horror novel. The article may be slanted, but even if a fraction of the story is factual Bush is still an environmental menace.

It makes me laugh that Rush Limbaugh was actually quoted as saying that bush will "go down as one of the greatest environmental presidents ever"

Anyway, sorry to get all political. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I have an equally bitter rant about environmentalists and scientists I might post at a later date.
By the way, I just noticed that I misquoted Winston. He said "Mr. Mayor, I have SEEN shit that will turn you WHITE!"

As far as what you're saying, napa, I don't think it is all political. It seems as though, just as any other scientific study, there are a whole lot of conflicting studies. For example, when Katrina hit, the head of the (and I have no idea what the actual title of the agency is called) National Hurricane _________ said that Katrina had absolutely nothing to do with "global warming." As far as I know (and I could be totally wrong), this person and his position is in no way a political appointment--in fact, I believe that it is not a government agency.

I know what Rolling Stone article you're referring to, and yeah, reading that article, Bush is Satan. Same with every article they write. Now, Rush saying what he said is ridiculous. But at the same time, I think it is an unfair reputation that he is the ultimate environment-hater. At the same time, I certainly don't think he is an environment champion, by any stretch. I don't know. I think that regardless of the president or political leaning of Congress, it comes down to the fact that as a country, we use and waste more gas than ever before--simply because it is more readily available than ever before. I guess we'll see if it truly affects the world's ecological patterns at some point in our lifetimes.

The point of my post, though, is that things are pretty scary right now. And I don't believe that it really has anything to do with our usage of fossil fuels. But who knows? Maybe it does. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have no idea what I'm trying to say. I'm tired. Good night.
I also noticed I used "at the same time" in two straight sentences. At the same time, I am a shitty writer. Good night.
As far as the global warming, would you rather be safe or sorry. Granted, it isn't "proven" but maybe some caution is in order.

It's like having sex with a slut. She may have chlamidia, she may not. But wouldn't you rather just wrap it up and not find out.
Is that some writing from personal experience, gage?

Ohhhhhhhh, burn!
Like I said, I can play the other side too.

As for all the scientific reports:

It seems interesting to me that science, evolution, the formation of the earth, etc., all revolves around the fact that things change. We can point to times of ice ages, times when the great plains were exactly that. For millions of years (long before human influence) animals came and went from this planet through means of extinction, global catasrophe, whatever. We can find evidence of marine life in some of our highest mountain ranges. The list goes on and on. HOWEVER, the same groups that present this data seem to want to stop the geologic calendar. All the animals that are on the planet now need to stay on the planet. They want to keep rivers flowing in static channels. They suggest that global temperatures are changing because of pollution and fossils fuels, but conveniently forget that temperatures have flucuated for a millenia. They completely except evolution (whether it be human, geologic, geographic, meteorologic) but refuse to allow those principles to continue.

Up next....my environmentalist/alternative energy rant. Stay tuned.
Good stuff, napa. 'Tis an excellent point.
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