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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Was it just me?

Did anyone else think that, during the fourth quarter of the Eagles-Falcons game, that Terrell Owens was visibly not trying?

Other thoughts:

-The Eagles losing Trotter at the beginning of the game might have been the single reason they lost...
-...Unless you count Donovan McNabb for the main reason they lost, which you probably could.
-Did Demorrio Williams gain 50 pounds and become twice as fast since Nebraska, or is that just me? My God, he looks like (and plays like) a total bad ass.
-I was on the total Mike Vick hater bandwagon...does the positive Vick bandwagon have any extra tickets?
-The Falcons' defense is sweet.
-Does Jim Mora, Jr. seem like the coolest guy to play for in professional sports? I thought so, too.
-John Madden's mind is slowly becoming jello right in front of our eyes--we have a potential Harry Caray-like end to a career, which will be extremely entertaining.

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