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Thursday, September 29, 2005

You can put it on the booooaaaarrrrrdddd; YES!

Well, it wasn't neccessarily pretty over the last month, but damnit the Sox clinched and I'm pumped. Now lets just see if they can get over the hump and actaully win a playoff series -- something they haven't done in a while. In my opinion their pitching staff should put them in good position; they have arguably the best pitching staff from from starters to closers. Buehrle, Garcia, Contreras, Garland, McCarthy, O. Hernandez, Marte, Polite, Jenks, Hermansen, They're freakin' stacked.

Word is bond.

You going to get tickets? Shouldn't be a problem, they get about 10,000 people to a game, don't they?

Muwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Cubs suck.
It is word is born not bond and yes the cubs suck.
Goddamn it, it is WORD IS BORN.

Napa, help me out here!
You know whats funny though. I was looking up rappers lyrics and they all say word is born except for House of payne. So maybe the white version is word is bond.
Maybe the white version of "House of Pain" is spelling it "House of payne."

Listen to the Wu Tang Clan. If you can prove to me that they are saying "Word is born," then I'll drop it. Problem is, you can't.
Instead of proving what Wu tang clan says how about I just compliment you on the fine season the cubs had this year. 4th in the central, and just 4 games under .500.
Nice work--instead of putting any kind of fact behind your argument, you try to make fun of the Cubs.

Where'd you learn how to argue, Debate For Dummies? John Kerry?
Well it's impossible to argue against a source as good as Wu Tang Clan.

Plus you are impossible to argue with b/c you went from saying that it is word is bond to word is born and now back to word is bond. Once you pick a side and stick with it I will come up with an argument.
Touche, asshole. You know what I meant.

There, I can name-call, too.
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