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Saturday, September 24, 2005

You want a rant? Here it is.

Satan in the House!
No, but seriously. I haven't posted anything worth a shit for a while and on this fine Saturday morning I decided today is the day. Of course, my belly-button has been discharging something that looks remarkably like tapioca pudding for the last eighteen hours (don't ask), so I may get a little heated over the course of this post.

Rant #1
The religious right is the most fucked up, evil, intolerant group in the history of the world. I really think these people would recreate the holocaust if they could. This is a group of people who believe a single book should control every single action they ever make, regardless of who that action may hurt. I mean seriously. Gay people are evil? People who don't believe in exactly what they believe are going to hell? God should be an integral part of our government? The reason this country is so FUCKING GOOD is that we have freedom to choose our beliefs and how to express those beliefs. These people would censor everything if it didn't mesh with the Bible. Fucking Assholes.

Rant #2 (or rant #1 part B)
This is for all of you who have not yet given up that meaningless possession you call a soul. Organized religion is a crutch. That's right, I said it! There is absolutely no way that any religion has gotten the whole faith thing just right. Going to church is simply a tool to make the masses feel like they're good people. Now go ahead and call me evil or whatever else you mindless sheep feel is a appropriate.

Rant #3
Christianity is not unique. 500 years before Jesus Christ, there was a man named Mithras. So what you may ask? Well, supposedly, Mithras was the son of the god of creation (Veruna) in the Zoroastrianism religion. Like Christ, Mithras had twelve apostles. He cured the sick and even raised people from the dead. He also began the practice of using bread and wine as sacraments in religious practice. Unlike Christ, he was not crucified or put to death. Instead, he ascended directly to heaven to rule as a god with his father. Mithraism began as a secret cult and eventually came the Roman empire where it perpetuated. In fact, before the Council of Nicaea, Mithraism was battling Christianity as the major religion of the Roman Empire. But Constantine put a stop to the religion at the Council when he and other Christian leaders made Christianity the sole religion of the empire and outlawed all other religions. So there you go, if Constantine's mother would have been a Mithraist as opposed to a Christian, we all would have been raised in the Mithraism/Zoroastrianism religions. Snoogins.

Rant #4
Alright, this one isn't so much a rant as a really funny conspiracy theory that I heard on Cowherd's show yesterday. So supposedly, hurricane Katrina was not an act of nature. Some weatherman in Pocatello, Idaho (that's right Pocatello, Idaho) has an alternative theory. Here it is:

Scott Stevens says after looking at NASA satellite photos of the hurricane, he is convinced it was caused by electromagnetic generators from ground-based microwave transmitters. The generators emit a soundwave between three and 30 megahertz and Stevens claims the Russians invented the storm-creating technology back in 1976 and sold it to others in the late 1980s. Stevens says the clouds formed by the generators are different than normal clouds and are able to appear out of nowhere and says Katrina had many rotation points that are unusual for hurricanes. At least ten nations and organizations possess the technology but Stevens suspects the Japanese Yakuza created Katrina in order to make a fortune in the futures market and to get even with the U.S. for the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima.

The Japanese Yakuza? Why would the Japanese mob want to destroy New Orleans? For retribution? There wouldn't be a Japanese mafia if the imperialistic government was still in power. The futures market didn't even change that much after Katrina. Rita's a different story, so maybe they missed their target the first time and now are trying to get it right.

Rant #5
So all of a sudden the BoSox aren't going to make the fucking playoffs. What the fuck is wrong with those idiotic cunts? They have one of the best line-ups in baseball and the pitching was supposed to be good. But guess what? The pitching fucking sucks dick now. The goddamn Yankees are going to win the AL East and the White Sox/Indians are going to be the wild card. Now I'm going to have to jump on the Indians bandwagon because I just can't stand the White Sox, the Angels just won a world series, and the Yankees are the most evil cock gobblers to ever walk the planet (I know. Three of them have Board of Director positions at work). Nobody in the NL even matters except the Cards. go tribe. FUCK!

Rant #6
Nebraska sucks. That's it

Rant #7
So don't you think the governor of Louisiana would have learned her lesson by now. Yesterday, she and the director of the Katrina FEMA effort held a press conference. She told the public that if they had not evacuated from New Orleans by that time, then they were on their own. Holy Shit! This woman is going to be my new boss in hell. I undestand that once the rain started pouring again it would be very difficult to evacuate people, but don't just say "hey, you're on your own fuckers!" This bitch deserves to be left right next to a broken levee.

Rant #8
We need everybody to step up their posting (myself included). Reading all of these GAHill posts is like listening to a favorite CD over and over and over. The CD's good, but after a while you just need to listen to something else. I don't care if you just write, "My butt hurt this morning from all of the great sex I had last night." Let's get this shit rolling again.

Rant #9
New Rule: After TJ, nobody else can get married for at least five years. Sorry GAHill, but this is getting fucking rediculous.

That's it I'm done. I have to now go to Mammal's wedding, where I'm sure the MIB and I will get drunk and embarass ourselved like we usually do.
Peace, Love, and Go fuck yourselves.

Well, Big Boi, you were wrong about this post making me mad--it bums me out. I'm sorry that you hate church so bad. You're right, with some people, they think going to church equals salvation, regardless what they do the rest of the week.

However, just like you hate the "religious right" because they're judgemental, you're doing the exact same thing to people who do go to church. Not everyone that goes to church is what you say they are. I do not appreciate you insinuating that because my parents go to church twice a week makes them bigots.

I strongly considered deleting this post, because while I started this blog as a point of open discussion, and knew that half the people I invited to post on this blog had a very different view of politics than I did, I also did not start this blog as a breeding ground for hate-filled rants. I didn't because:

A) I know this is supposed to be halfway funny.
B) You're hate shows through, thus making your argument invalid to others that may disagree.

To each his own, but please don't throw this kind of stuff on here again. There's really just no reason for it.

As for cruches--how was your cigarette?
Quit being so sensitive. I don't hate people who go to church. I simply think people who believe they are going to go to heaven because they go to church and mindlessly follow a religion are ignorant. My parents go to church every week too and I'm not knocking them. You are right about the cigarettes comment because they are as much a crutch as church is and I'll be the first to admit it.

And I don't hate anybody I posted about. I don't really hate anyone in general. I simply think that ignorance is unexcusable and most of the religious right remains blissfully ignorant of a large number of facts.

I knew the first two points were going to piss you off, but I'm not sure why it would piss you off that much. All I pointed out was that the religious right are intolerant and going to church is not the penultimate expression of one's faith. I'm sorry if I said it in such a way that I came off like some hard-nosed atheist, but I don't want any of my friends to become complacent and stop questioning the status quo. I completely understand that most of you won't like what I have to say and you have the right to disagree. But if I don't bring up the opposing ideas who will?

And don't tell me not to put this kind of stuff up here. I thought you created this blog to start thoughtful discussions. While I was a bit brutal in my methods, that's all I was trying to do. You obviously disagree with what I have to say, so just write a response telling me that you disagree. Don't paint me to be a hate monger and threaten to delete my posts because I say something with which you don't agree.
Time for a mediator to mediate your asses. Big Boi, yes you work for Satan--let it go. I don't need your propaganda to justify me not going to church regularly. I agree that mindless devotion makes little sense or salvation.

GA Falwell, (jokes) I believe Big Boi is only trying to point out the hypocrisy of the religious right. I don't think any one of us are associated with anyone in that category so I don't believe that he was calling anyone out. I believe questioning your own faith only strenghtens it.
Big Boi, I feel the only mistake you made here was bringing too many personal issues into a lovely statement, that the religious right is evil.

I agree, we all need to post more and I am personally going to see to it that I do.

Maybe I'll even put together my thoughts on religion....they also aren't overly popular.
Thanks Gage
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