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Monday, October 03, 2005

All right, I'll ask

Just throwing it out here looking for opinions:

Can the Huskers win the Big 12 North?

Yes, and winning the Big 12 North is the same as being very smart for a dog, or being very tall for a midget.
Yes...if we can become an improved road team from a year ago. Our schedule is very favorable compared to some of the other north schedules. OU is a all of a sudden a winnable game at home. If i was a gambling man (???) i'd put money on the CU/NU game determining the north champion. I think the north champion has 2 losses and that's very achievable for this Husker team. Right now my money is on CU to take the title.

On another note, everyone is going to love this. Just heard through the grapevine that the coaches are leaving the scoreboard on all week until after the walk through is over on friday...guess what it says


I love it...can you imagine as a player having to look up at that all week during practice.
I don't think we're going to get the job done. We'll lose this weekend, we'll lose at Missouri, and we'll lose at Colorado. The rest of the games are toss ups as well. Kansas didn't look that bad against Tech and Baylor took A&M into overtime. Also including the fact that Oklahoma and K-State will probably be on the ropes and playing for their bowl lives by the time we play them. There is a possible chance that we don't win another game this year. And don't talk up the Iowa State win too much, we had to go to overtime to beat a mediocre team. I know I'm probably being too pessimistic, but after last year I'm ready for just about anything.
Classic Big Boi pessimism here. . .
I was just going to write that, Goods. Classic.

The scoreboard story is also classic--great stuff.

Seger and I were discussing this yesterday, and we both think that literally every game we play the rest of the year is winnable. I think that we have to be the co-favorite with Colorado to win the North.

I think that we have an excellent shot at winning this weekend (in fact, I think we will win), Mizzou is certainly not out of the question, Baylor is tougher (yet still, it's Baylor), we'll beat K-State, and right now, I'm leaning towards Nebraska over OU (especially if Peterson is still banged up, which I am sure he will be). Colorado is the game I'm most worried about.
Ok I just walked by the stadum on my way to class and I regret to let you know that the scoreboard is not on but this video is on loop

Is this safe for work?
Yeah, I am sure you have seen it before
Yeah, I am sure you have seen it before
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