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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Best Day...Ever?!?

For those of you whose time I have wasted complaining about my iPod/computer situation, fruition has come forth!

For those who don't know--my iPod's hard drive crashed, and Best Buy would not replace it. I have been apart from my precious, precious iPod for 27 days now.

In the meantime, I would just plug my headphones in my computer that had all the music in it and listen to that. Well, one night, the computer was on the floor, and a big 'ol glass of water hovered above it on a dresser. Well (in typical GA Hill fashion), in the middle of the night, I hit the glass of water and, naturally, it went directly into my computer. I mean, the floor wasn't even wet, it was that direct of a shot.

Needless to say, I was distraught. 5,000 songs, right down the drain.

Well, good news, friends! I got a replacement for my laptop this morning (and the new laptop is roughly 1,000X better than the old one), and all the songs were on there! They survived! And not 20 minutes later, I got a call from Best Buy informing me that my iPod is in!

Cue the Kook and the Gang "Celebration," bitches!

UPDATE: Scary moment overcome. I downloaded iTunes again to my computer, but there were no songs in it. Thankfully, I was just logged in as the wrong user.

Now, just have to go get a USB cord for the iPod, and I am a happy man again!
Don't you mean Kool and the Gang?
No, I meant "Kook"--they're a Kool and the Gang cover band.

Christ, what is wrong with me lately?

Did you like the new quote of the week?
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