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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Celebrity Spotting

Did anyone else just receive a text message from the Big Boi saying that he just saw Bill Walton in the Omaha airport? Which don't get me wrong, is completely awesome, I love that goofy bastard...basically just because everyone else hates him.

Back to the subject: I want to create a new rule that all of us must follow.

Celebrity spotting is awesome, and its even better to have the luxury of text messaging people when you do see someone to increase your level of coolness. However, your not doing it true justice without including a camera phone picture attatched to the text message. So from now on I am imposing a rule amongst all Heavy Souler's....all celebrity spottings must include a picture.

So Big Boi, please chase the 6'11 redhead down and snap a pic with that fancy treo of yours.

Yeah, I got that text, too. That is hilarious.

I wonder what he thinks of Omaha? "Tremendous!"? "Glorious!"?

I love that guy. He has gotten exponentially better over the last two seasons or so in his commentary.
Ok, full story. I was sitting waiting for my Mom at Epley and saw my friend's Dad waiting. He's the orthopoedic for both Creighton and Nebraska and a huge asshole. I figured he was waiting for his MILF wife (who I like) and figured I would say hi when she showed up. Instead Bill Walton strolls up the hallway wearing black sneakers, black jeans, and a black hoodie. The first thing he says to Dr. Morrison is "It's awesome to be here." Then he asks, "Was that the Platte River we just flew over?" It hit about a 7.8 on the unintentional comedy scale. I was still chuckling to myself until my Mom came up the ramp a couple of minutes later. Sorry I didn't get a picture, I left my phone in my car.
I can beat it. Most of you already got my text saying that he came in to Outback tonight.

Well, the guy is WAY better in person than on TV. As Shearer can vouch, I'm a huge fan anyway.

There were too many 80's Celtics stories for this post. I will tell them all individually on request. In summary, they were fantastic, and many involved drinking and Larry Bird challenging people to various contests with his left hand after 12 beers.

I was able to chat for a second and shake hands. All in all, a fantastic storyteller. 5 stars out of 5.
Nice work, Pete. I can't wait to talk to you about this.
Way to show me up asshole.
Was it just chaos at Outback? Or did that many people realize who he was?
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