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Friday, October 28, 2005

College Basketball Poll

UPDATE: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I don't know how I forgot about this, but Kentucky is playing at Kansas this year!!! Anyone interested in going, please let me know. I would give my right arm to go to this game--anyone with any sort of ticket hookup, also, PLEASE let me know.

ESPN/USA Today Preseason Top 25 is out today.

1. Duke (28)
3. Texas (2)
4. 'Nova (1)
5. Michigan State
6. Oklahoma
7. Gonzaga
8. Loserville
9. Arizona
11. Boston College
12. Memphis
13. Stanford
14. Alabama
15. W. Virginia
16. Syracuse
17. Illinois
18. UCLA
19. Wake
20. Iowa
21. Maryland
22. Indiana
23. Iowa State
24. George Washington
25. Nevada

Any thoughts? Mine are: Gonzaga is overrated, big-time (weird); Kentucky should be between #6-8, but it is all relative (as they are much better than the 'Zags, and I would give them the edge right now to Loserville); Oklahoma might be a bit too high; Memphis is rated WAY too high; Michigan State is finally receiving some well-deserved credit in a pre-season poll; Villinova is rated WAY, WAY too high, considering they lost their best player for (likely) the year.

I like the Cuse down at 16, they're gonna be a dirty, dirty team. Dirtier than the hands of Paris Hilton's gyno.
Mike and i hashed through this team by team all morning but (Todd you will enjoy this) it's about time MSU gets the credit they deserve. As most of you can imagine I have a woody the size of chimney rock thinking about the Dukies this year. One more year of JJ (severe man crush) is enough to make me happy for a long-long time. And I gotta say that Texas is absolutely stacked this year, as good as they were last year plus big xii player of the year PJ Tucker makes a salty squad. They should run away w/ the Big XII this year.

And finally, how much fun is going to be to see the Squawks from Lawrence be very average. They will get spanked at the Bob this year.
Holy shit, how did I miss Kansas not being ranked? I wonder when the last time this happened was? Wow. The voters are really sticking it to them for losing in the first round.

I understand why North Carolina isn't ranked, but KU should at least be 20-25.

Or am I totally wrong on this one?
Bill Self has ruined the team. He's tried to take a free-wheeling, athletic style of basketball that KU used to run and make it tackle football, the kind of basketball they play in the Big 10 that everyone hates. He put the shackles on these guys to the benefit of no one.

One other prediction: Kentucky's white guys will be treated better than the brothers.
NO WAY IN HELL that KU should be ranked...they will start 4 freshman. Let's not forget that JR Giddens got in a knife fight outside a Lawrence bar and is no longer at KU...they are in serious trouble this year.
They return: Jeff Hawkins, CJ Giles, Sasha Kaun, and Christian Moody...all others are newcomers. Julian Wright (6-8 forward out of Chicago, a Marvin Williams look a like) was tabbed preseason Big XII Freshman of the year and will be a stud, he is expected to lead them in scoring.
I love it!
Bill Self is KU's Frank frickin Solich!
Everybody HATES Big 10 basketball? Go fuck yourself asshole! EZT and GAHill, its on once again gentlemen. Of course, every time MSU has a good preseason ranking, they turn into dogshit during conference play. Hopefully Izzo keeps them on track this year and takes them deep into March once again.
-Big "MSU Final Four" Boi
Also, the preseason rankings in basketball mean about as little as the Harris poll in College Football. Half of the teams on here won't be in the top 25 come the beginning of March.
When did UCONN become Cincinatti? They have like three guys being brought up on felony charges right now for selling stolen computers. Obviously the #2 ranking does not reflect the fact that half the team will be in jail by Hanukah.
Fuck UCONN. I hate that school--any school that gets 20,000+ for women's basketball games should immediatedly be put under investigaion for sucking.
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