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Monday, October 17, 2005


First of all, is that a word?

Secondly, I am going to have to disagree with Napa's prior post, and felt it was an important enough issue that should not just be a comment. I watched the ALCS in Wrigleyville Friday night, and in Lincoln Park Saturday night at two different sports bars. Both of the bars I was in were very positive toward the White Sox, as are most of the Cubs fans I know of. Granted there were four or five idiots in each bar, but for the most part everything seems to be overwhelmingly supportive in Chicago right now.

Really, Cubs fans just like to get drunk. This is just a good excuse to get drunk during the week when usually we can only get drunk respectably while watching football games on the weekend.

I will agree with one thing. I wish it was getting more press that Dusty and the entire Cubs coaching staff is coming back next year. How is it possible that someone isn't getting fired for that train wreck.

I have to agree with the Dusty comments. I'm not even a Cubs fan and I've watched enough to tell that this guy couldn't manage his way out of a wet blanket, let alone a professional baseball team. Why they would bring clown shoes on for another year is a mystery to me. The Tribune sucks and so will the Cubbies until they sell the team.
And yes Disagreeance is a word. Its a synonym for disagreement.
Gage, that is an excellent point. There is, simply, no conceivable way that the entire Cubs coaching staff should be allowed to come back.

Say what you want about Wood and Prior--Prior is a pussy, Wood is going to be hurt no matter what, etc.--but I disagree with these blanket statements. Bottom line: who has been their pitching coach basically their entire careers? Larry Rothschild. That's who. The critisim of Wood, by anyone that knows anything about pitching (I'm certainly not attempting to say that I do) says that his mechanics must change in order to endure a full season. Now, I have heard Wood be very defensive about this subject. But damn it, the pitching coach should be doing something about this. And he hasn't.

The Cubs have a window of another two to five seasons with this pitching staff. And having Dusty and the rest of his staff sitting there and fucking it up makes me ill.

And Big Boi, as much as I hate the Tribune Company, I will say two things about your statement:

1. They did have a payroll of around $90 million this year. Yes, with the amount of money they make off the Cubs, they should have a payroll that of the Red Sox, and possibly the Yankees. But they have finally shown the last year or two that they are willing to step it up a bit in the spending department. Also, with the White Sox in the WS, this can do nothing but put more pressure on them to put a contender on the field. God, I hope, anyways.

2. You're completely insane if you think that the Tribune Company would ever sell the biggest cash cow in all of sports. And this reason basically makes my argument in point number one obsolete--it doesn't matter if the White Sox win the whole thing, the Cubs are still going to out-number them, and just about every team in baseball, in ticket sales, concessions, merchandising, etc.

And, I have officially made up my mind, I am definately rooting for the White Sox. I just threw up in my mouth. Even if the Asstros get in the WS, this is the second-worst possible scenario of a WS for Cubs fans. If the Cards get in, I think the earth may open up and swallow Wrigley Field whole.

One other thing--how huge was Pujols' home run tonight? Holy crap. That guy is something else.
Hey Mike,

We finally agree on something, MARK PRIOR IS A PUSSY. Which by the way is probable the best attribute you can have for a power pitcher.
Unfortunately, I did not say that Mark Prior is a pussy. I said that retards like you use that statement to try to sum up Prior's problems.

It looks like we don't agree on something, after all.
Well He did get hurt when he ran into all five foot eight of marcus giles. So I too agree with you Mike, Mark Prior is a pussy.
Well He did get hurt when he ran into all five foot eight of marcus giles. So I too agree with you Mike, Mark Prior is a pussy.
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