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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fantasy Help

Prior to this week I only knew of three possible places to be at in Fantasy Football. The first having a shitty draft and knowing from the get go that you will be making trades just to stay afloat on a week to week basis. The second is having a injury prone team, this by far was the most help feeling in the FF world. The last and the one that I myself am not too familiar with is the cleaning house team, where it does not matter who the opponent is you have the team that does not stumble. I have got a new one to add "The What The F Team". Six weeks into the season, we are second in the Power Ranking, second in points scored, first in average points a week, but ranked fucking 5th out of ten teams with a not too scary .500 record. I am in a league that averages 95 to 110 points needed to win a game, and I always seem to go against the running back who in one week accounts for 55 points (see Shawn Alexander last week and LT week three.) Twice I have been the second highest points for the week and lost both games, toss in a third highest points for a loss and it is completely out of control. Absolutely Amazing.

my fantasy theme for this year...F#^% Trent Green. Serves me right for drafting a Chief.
I am laughing my ass for those people who picked up Holmes early. . .that is comedy in my eyes.

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