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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Here's what I can't decide?

The new selection for the Supreme Court is one of the two following things:

1. A center of the road pick that can prevent the nation and the Senate from becoming further divided by attempting to put forward a controversial pick.


2. The sneakiest thing Bush has done yet....picking a justice that he knows more about than anyone. Someone that has done most of their work for a White House that most likely will not release any documentation.

I guess I'm not really full of trust.

I believe it is both. First, she was Harry Reid's recommendation.

Second, and most importantly, it very well could be this. Conservatives keep pointing to Souter and Bush #1 saying "trust me" on that appointment. Obviously, Souter is a very liberal justice. I don't think W is dumb enough to pull the exact same "mistake" his father made.

There, I left it wide open for jokes about Bush being dumb
I think you might be oversellig the Harry Reid recommendation thing. I'm guessing if he picked a justice, her name wouldn't have been at the top of the list.
Well of course this isn't who Reid would pick. It was his pick out of a list of conservative names.
I'm pretty convinced this chick will be pretty conservative, but at the same time I don't think she's going to rock the boat. She would replace Rehnquist's vote while Roberts will replace O'Connor's. They match up pretty well with their predesessors.
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