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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hot new party game

If you've not been drunk around me in the past month, I have to let you in on the hottest new party game of the year...Inappropriate Threesomes. Very simple and there are no losers. Only rule is there have to be representatives of each gender in said threesome. Other than that, players alternate spouting out the names of three people that normally would not be sexually associated. Example: Freddie Prinze, Jr., Harriet Meiers, and Barry Alvarez. See, funny as shit.

Rick forgot to mention that the person you name has to be living. Another good example is Ryan Seacrest, Dakota Fanning, and Gary Coleman. It really gets fun when you're around creative people who know lots of celebrities. However, the game loses some luster when people use closely related celebs. So don't use Jeter and A-Rod in the same threesome or Bea Arthur and Betty White. Cartoon characters are not available. However, Muppets, i.e. Kermit the Frog or Gonzo, can most certainly be brought to the table
I successfully used Secretariat one time. Can we get an official ruling on dead animals?
Good question, Pete, because it seems to me that "Mr. Ed" would be part of a pretty salty answer.
Ok. Dead animals can be used, but only if they are famous. E.G. Alex from the Stroh's commercials or Spuds McKenzie. I don't want to hear anyone bring their uncle's horny Rottweiler to the game. Too inappropriate.
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