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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I don't mean to brag, but uh...

"I can honestly see a sweep--and God, I hope so."--GA Hill, October 22nd, 2005

Well, it is the wrong team, but Chicago FINALLY has a World Series Championship.

Napa, I am genuinely happy for you--you've been hardcore for the Sox ever since we met in 8th Grade. And I am happy for the city of Chicago.

Other than that, this World Series did not happen. You hear me??? Did not happen.

I look forward to read what Napa throws up here when he sobers up. Have fun!

UPDATE: By the way, I am kidding, I actually predicted the Sox in 5. I'm only sweet, not really sweet. Just kidding again, the reason for the update is because I just saw in iTunes that there is a new Old 97's live album, 30 songs, $9.99! I know that Pete and Colin would be interested in this, in particular.

"Chicago FINALLY has a World Series Championship."

Bullshit. . .Chicago does not have a World Series. The White Sox have a World Series
Oh, are the White Sox no longer the Chicago White Sox? Or did I miss something?
And by the way--why are you so damned bitter all the time? I'm sorry that you don't like the fact that I am happy for the city of Chicago, and for the ten's of Sox fans that have stayed loyal over the last 88 years.
I thought that as a Cubs fan despise the "South Siders" see every other Heckler Article. They are the equivalent of the girls ugly friend. Remember a couple years ago when those dirty Neanderthal White Sox's fans bleached the Ivy. . .and now that they are winners it good for Chicago. Piss off, I am not buying it. I am happy for Napa, as with most things his dedication and loyalty finally paid off for him, and I hope that it makes 2005 that much sweeter for him. But the Cubs fan who were routing for the White Sox win, makes me sick. I thought that this was a rivalry here, do you think a Buckeye fan would be happy if Michigan the Rose Bowl because it is good for the Big Ten, is it good for New York if the Mets win the World Series? Maybe I am wrong here, and since my teams do not share a city. . .I just don't get it.

Watch out for the Royals in 2015, that is if they are still considered a MLB team.
I wasn't "routing" for the White Sox, I just would have rather them win than the Astros, first of all. Secondly, your Ohio State-Michigan argument doesn't stand up whatsoever--I would never, ever root for Colorado or Texas, just because they represent the Big XII.

I don't know about the Mets, and I know that a lot of Cub fans disagree with me here. As far as the Heckler goes, their job is to BE FUNNY and extreme.

I am happy for Chicago because I love that city, and for once, Chicago is the center of the baseball world. Yes, it truly sucks that the White Sox are the reason. It makes me sick. But I can get past that, because I love the city of Chicago more than a rivalry.
Thank you for the nice stuff, keep it up.
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