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Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm sure you have...

LOL at this quote by Roger Clemens after getting destroyed last night:

"I've given up some home runs, I'm sure, in my career."

Roger Clemens has given up 347 career home runs,

So if I am reading this right, you are bagging on a guy who has pitched for 22 years and given up 347 HRs.

Just so you know, your boy Kerri Wood has given up 123 HRs in 7 years. So, if extended those numbers over the next 15 years (as if his arm won't fall off before then)he is on track to give up 387 HRs.

Over his career Clemens has given up one HR every 13 innings. Wood has given up one every 9.
Just saw the new "Quote of the Week". . .funny stuff.
So if I read this right, you spelled his name "Kerri." It's "Kerry," you silly South-Sider.

I wasn't making fun of how many home runs he's given up, it is the fact that he said "I've given up some home runs, I'M SURE, in my career." Like this is probably the first time it has ever happened. Should've made that clear in the post--I forgot I have to make sure to write to my audience, which includes a White Sox fan. Kind of like how you're taught in journalism to write at a sixth-grade level.

Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha!! Burn.

Thanks, Goods. I was waiting for someone to notice that. I'm sure there will be some type of "fuhrer" overreaction post coming from Big Boi.
Fuck you.
There he is!!
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