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Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Man Of Unwavering Moral Standards

A.J. Pierzynski! I know, I couldn't believe it either. I mean, everybody thinks this guy is a slimeball and a cheat. That's crazy talk. The guy is "married [to] Lisa," according to his White Sox biography. It's the first thing in his bio! He wouldn't do anything to his wife, Lisa! He's a stand up...whoops! I guess the guy really *is* a cheat! Take a look at this photoblog of some bartender chick:


A.J., something is missing from that left ring finger, buddy!

Courtesy of our friends over at Fire Joe Morgan.

Hey Mike,

Will you create an account for me?
I thought you already had one. Send me your e-mail, and I can send you an invite.
As much as I personaly hate the guy. . .I am always up for shots with random hot bartenders.

Agreed, OC. Not to mention that there is a picture like that of every married athlete in professional sports. I just singled out AJ, because he sucks.
Ya'll are just jealous.
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