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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More College Bomb News

Does anyone perhaps see a pattern forming here? Here's the latest:

Oklahoma Bombing (see below; plus, mainstream media finally waking up--if the CBS News blog counts--here).

Bomb detonated in commons area at UCLA.

A "terrorist act" at Georgia Tech dorms.

I think this is a frightening trend. Especially considering just about everyone that contributes and reads this blog has some sort of campus connection--whether they still be in school, go to colleges recruiting, have a family member going to school, etc.

I am trying extremely hard not to be a crazy conspiracy theorist, but three different bombs on three different college campuses within roughly a week should not be written off as simple coincidence. It is no secret that extremist groups (specifically Al Quaeda) recruit young people--is it possible that there is a recruitment push on college campuses? I certainly believe so. I hope Homeland Security is looking into this--I understand that the info I found took the effort of looking at a news website, but I think they have it in them.

Apparently CNN doesn't.

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