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Friday, October 28, 2005


I was just wondering what music you guys are listening to right now. I'm currently listening to The Fray: How to Save a Life, Death Cab: Plans, Dangerdoom, and the itunes original Ben Folds CD. What am I missing out on?
P.S. I decided to go as a priest for Halloween. Hee Hee.

This week, I have been listening to:
1. The New Pornographers
2. The new My Morning Jacket cd
3. Death Cab: Plans
4. Sigur Ros: ( ), not a bad cd, but I've probably been listening ot it more since I've been studying.
5. old Radiohead
Which New Pornographers CD are you listening to: Twin Cinema, Electric Version, or Mass Romantic? They're all pretty good.
Well, as I mentioned in my I-am-awesome-because-I-called-the-World-Series-sweep post, the Old 97's live album is pretty solid. Others:

Todd Barry
Steve Martin
John Mayer Trio (there is a two-song single on iTunes, and it kicks ass)
My Morning Jacket
Kings of Leon
Little Brother

I don't know, haven't really bought anything new and exciting lately, as you can probably tell from that list.
The new MMJ record, Z, is amazing. The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album, Howl is also pretty dope. Check out Wolf Parade's debut, Queen Mary--produced by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. If you are in the Mamas and Papas vibe, check out The Magic Numbers self titled debut--fun. And if you are still not on the wagon, Bloc Party is G-R-E-A-T. For an honorable mention, the new Fiona Apple disc is pretty remarkable when you catch it in the right mood. The first song is a very catchy showtunes/Disney type song that does quite a bit of ruling.
I completely forgot one. The soundtrack to Elizabethtown is really fucking good. Its got Ryan Adams, MMJ, Tom Petty, Elton John, and the Hollies. It might not be as good as the Garden State soundtrack, but its pretty damn close.
Just updated the Ipod and I've been rocking:
1. The new My Morning Jacket--I think I'm disappointed so far, will require more listening.
2. Dwight Yoakam-Blame the Vain-brand new CD, 9.6 out of 10
3. Big Star-The Best of Big Star-this is an essential for power pop fans
4. Kathleen Edwards-For some testocerone free alt-country this chick is fantastic. Kind of like The Old 97's mixed with Sarah McLachlan only good. God no one is going to want to listen to this with that description.
I like power pop!
I just thought of one--Spoon. They kick some ass, and they kick it hard.
Which Spoon? Gimme Fiction?
Gimme Fiction, indeed. I have not heard their other stuff, although I have been meaning to check it out.
I'll back up GA on Spoon. . they're pretty solid. I bought the new OAR Cd recently and, as you might have guessed, it is basically exactly the same as every other OAR CD out there. At least this one has completely new material. . .no "Hey Girl"!!! On another note, a radio station in KC just announced that on Dec 16 Death Cab and Hot Hot Heat are playing a concert together. Tickets are only $25 if anyone is interested. Thought I'd mention since Death Cab seems to have come up a few times. This is also officially my longest reply ever on this blog.
Gimme Fiction is good. New Pornographers left me chagrinned. I wanted more. But good nonetheless. Kathleen Edwards is good despite Pete's description. I know it's not new, but I have been listening to a bit of Air Supply's greatest hits. "I'm All Out of Love," always leaves me bawling.
My Mom's been listening to Air Supply a whole lot too MIB. You gigantic panty-waist.
MIB, did you check out that new "The Great American Songbook" by Rod Stewart, too?

I also saw that there is a new Bread DVD out--The Final Concert! You should totally check that out.
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