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Friday, October 14, 2005

Official Heavy Soul Cornhusker Watching Party!

For all our committed and dear readers, Heavy Soul is having a Husker-Baylor viewing party this weekend in Omaha! That's right! Come hang out with the Heavy Soulers at.....uh......

What's everybody doing for the game?

I can not garentee food for all, but some people I play softball with are having a fish fry at the East Platte Compound.

I was also thinking about buying the game at my new piece, but then thought that Barrett's has more beers on tap and is closer to Omaha and the East Platte compound.

That sounds cool. I had also heard of rumblings coming from the Cresent Moon camp of MIB and Big Boi.
I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow BUT watch, and gamble, on football.

My best bets are:

Alabama -13.5
OU-KU over 42
Colorado +17
Colorado State-2.5

Anyway, give me a shout tonite everyone and we'll hook up for beers or tomorrow sometime for the same.
I'll be in the cozy confines of Hershey, NE...please feel free to come watch the game there....my dad has a stocked bar, that's the best thing i can offer.
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