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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Put it on the board!!!

The long wait is over and it is sweeter than I imagined. Even the north side had pockets of celebration in the minutes following the game. "Let's go White Sox..." resonated out of a bar on Belmont, cars hauling huge Sox banners honked their way up Irving Park, fireworks went off here and there, and even the Red Line Stop at Addison seemed to have a buzz to it. Eventhough the sox may be the bastard son of Chicago, it would appear that the city is elated to have a champion again.

It is actually amusing because when Sarah decided Chicago was where she wanted to go to school, I joked that it would be okay because when the sox finally made their big playoff push I would be in town to enjoy it. I can't believe it actually happened.

I am 1-0 in moving to a city and winning a world series.

Congratulations Sox!!

Next year can you move to KC
Headline from The Heckler today:

"Cubs Get One More Reason To Hate Astros"

..."But after the Astros folded like schoolgirls to the White Sox in the 2005 World Series, the Cubs and their fans have reserved a whole new level of hatred for their NL Central rival."

The Poll on the front page of theheckler.com is priceless, too.
Congrats to the White Sox. Although I really didn't care who won and this was the most apathetic I've ever seen Americans towards the World Series (no small feat), they really did play great baseball and deserved the win.

I can respect the fundamentals and the way Guillen handled the team (in the postseason). They really played the way you should play, by pitching, limiting defensive and mental errors and clutch hitting.
All time biggest kick to the Nuts...

So the Astros get swept in the World Series, that sucks. What really sucks is I just got back from Chicago where I learned that if the Astros wouldn't have been swept, I would have had tickets to game 6 of the World Series. Ouch.
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