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Friday, October 21, 2005

That's it!

I have been more than generous with my ESPN Insider account. In fact, I think it is safe to say that 25-50 people use it. I know that there are math nerds in Chicago using it right now that I have never even met.

Somewhere along the line, someone changed my personalized teams that show up along the side of ESPN.com with scores and stories about said teams, all awaiting my reading. Now, the North Texas pick is funny. I enjoy that one. But whoever put Michigan on there can go to hell.

If you don't like reading about Nebraska, Kentucky, the Cubs, Bears, and Bulls, pay your own $4.95 a month (includes a subscription to ESPN The Magazine!).

Has anyone else seen that Paul Shirley is not writing for ESPN
Has anyone els seen that Paul Shirley is now writing for ESPN
Ironically, it was his column that I was reading when I noticed the "Michigan" headlines section of my Insider. I enjoy his stuff.
GA this is why you don't give out passwords. The little kids take advantage of kindness. You need to be stronger and start beating the kids, not rewarding them.
Fair enough. Gage, I need a list of your co-workers so I can come to Chicago and start beating ass.
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