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Monday, October 31, 2005

Turn Back the Clock time

Kudos to The Royal Bush for his nomination of a guy nicknamed, "Scalia Lite". There is exactly a .001 percent chance that the clock on my cell phone will not automatically set itself, a la Daylight Savings Time, back 50 years if this guy gets pushed through.

A shrewd political move, no doubt, by the Prez to appease the last faction of human existence in the world that still supports him not named Shearer, the religious right.

Officially, I will be hoarding booze, porn, "The Origin of Species," and rock music in a time capsule until further notice.

Its good to see he isn't in the pocket of the militant conservatives...oh wait.

I just mainly would like to applaud the president on picking someone the won't lead to a damaging partisan fight...oh wait.

This is going to get interesting.
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