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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome to the South Side!

The fun never ends with White Sox fans, does it? Headline from ESPN.com:

Guillen apologizes after Sox fan slaps Biggio's wife

Again, the best possible outcome of this World Series is for the earth to open up during one of these games, and swallow the stadium with everyone in it whole.

If I was to somehow go to the World Series this year in Chicago Im pretty sure I would fear for my life. I guess lucky for me the tickets are like $600.00.
maybe a bit harsh...
A bit harsh? I wouldn't want to be within 100 miles of the Southside if and when the Sox win the Series. Tire fires smell really bad. Also there won't be any home appliances or electronics left within 12 blocks of U.S. Cellular after the fans loot everything not nailed down.
When do you think they'll stop calling it U.S. Cellular in favor of "The Terrordome?" And have scenes from Mad Max on the big screen during player intros?

Have some P.E. blasting during warm-ups...perfect.
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