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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who is this bitch?

I'm fed up with George W. Bush. He announced he was going to replace Honey Bunny with the White House's legal counsel Harriet Miers. For those of you who haven't been reading up on this, Miers has absolutely no judicial background. Here's what she has done in her illustrious career: she was Bush's personal lawyer, the head of the Texas lottery, White House Staff Secretary, and White House Legal Counsel.

Wow! She is really qualified to determine caselaw for this country. I'm sure running a lottery really gives you a great insight into how to settle cases dealing with due process and equal protection rights, both of which are going to be of huge significance in the coming years, particularly as to gay and lesbian rights. This is just Bush putting one of his friends into a prominant place of power again. We all know how well Bush's friend Mike Brown (FEMA Director) did at his post. Every single one of my law school professors that I've talk to thinks this is the crappiest pick they have ever seen. They think Bush is trying to raise his approval rating by nominating someone safe, someone who nobody knows anything about.

Bush shouldn't even be happy with this pick because he has no idea which way she is going to vote on the court. Every nominee changes when they reach the highest court of the land. Souter was conservative when Reagan appointed him, and now he's one of the most liberal judges on the court. Scalia was a relative moderate in the appellate court and now he's the most conservative man in the world. All I'm saying is that she could end up being anything once she reaches the court. She says she's a strict constructionist now, but who knows. I think I'm a strict constructionist, but if I was on the Supreme Court, could I stop myself from creating new powers for the government and myself? I don't know. Hopefully, she won't get past the Senate.

P.S. Thanks Fuhrer, for giving me my administrative access back. You censoring dick.

This pick is absolutely mind-boggling, but this is a glimpse into a much larger politcial picture, one in which shrewd Mr. Bush has crumbling political power and is simply not willing to stage a hard-fought battle to get a conservative freakazoid on the bench.

What you are looking at is the last gasp of an administration that has so thoroughly dicked themselves they don't have a shroud of clout or a road to hoe.
No problem, you whiny bitch.

Anyways, this pick is disturbing. I think the Republican Party is the biggest collective group of pussies on the planet.

People forget how low Clinton's approval rating was in different parts of his presidency (if I remember correctly, he had the lowest approval rating of all time at one point--since Nixon anyway, but for a lot of his second term, he was at current Bush levels). He had to fight a Republican Congress. That said, he appointed whoever the hell he wanted to, including ol' Ginsy. Ginsberg was unanimously picked by the Senate.

The Republicans control every branch of government--hell, they even control the states (governors, anyways). And these cowards throw yet another, middle-of-the-road, "stealth" pick in there.

I slightly disagree with your take on it though, Pete. I honestly think that he actually does have enough political clout to pick whoever he wants--the Supreme Court nominations were a big part of the presidential election, and Bush won by a healthy margin.

I think that you're right in that Bush is trying to ease some tension with the Democrats. Which is ridiculous. The Democratic Party lost everything over the last 5 years--he doesn't owe them anything. Yet Bush is, I honestly believe, trying to be a "uniter," which is part of what he ran on. I think he should nominate someone who is a qualified constructionalist, not someone who Harry Reid approves of.

Republicans will not stick up for what they ran on, and it is pissing me off, personally. I'm not saying that we need to get in some crazy, right-winged white guy. But to nominate who Harry Reid recommended is just stupid.
...and she's apparently underwhelmingly qualified. Forgot to put that at the end.

Also, do you guys like the pop-up windows for comments? I like it because it is quicker, plus you can keep the post up that you're commenting on. If anyone *really* liked the way it was before, let me know, and I'll change it back.
I think the president is weak. He spent a little too much political capital trying to get a bunch of nazis on the federal courts earlier this year, and now after dicking everything else up, he can't put one on the Supreme Court.
Wow, because someone disagrees with your political outlook, they're "nazis?"
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