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Monday, November 14, 2005


Nebraska football doesn't have great fans, we just lost so rarely that we seemed good.

The losing, the booing and the constant program criticism, coupled with this ridiculous residual Ohio support have exposed us as one thing, the same as everyone else.

I would say that you are right on everything but the Ohio support point.

People are doing that because they are still upset over what happened, and feel totally disenfranchised. One of the biggest thing about NU is the family atmosphere. I honestly believe that the people that do the Ohio thing don't make them crappy fans--I think it is dumb, don't get me wrong--but they still believe in the whole "NU Family" thing. Sure, some of them are doing it just because they hate BC/Pederson, but the others do it because they love (as did I) more than just the Nebraska football team. They loved Nebraska Football, and everything and everyone it encompassed.

Scott Frost has a pretty good blog post up about this subject--maybe I'll throw it up in a bit.
And yes, I just used "Scott Frost," "blog post," and "pretty good" in the same sentence.
Last thing--did you guys see the ads today are for Cubs and Husker merchendise? That is impressive work by Google.
Ohy my god if you actually liked Frost's blog i want to crap in your mouth (i'm extremely fired up right now...i'll say that it was 50% bs).

To the people that say they are disenfranchised....why?
-is it because BC quit letting the media into practices? Well for christ sakes how does that effect you, TO never let the public into practice either...this is you listening to the media that is pissed off.
-why weren't people feeling disenfranchised when we hired an outside AD named Bill Byrne who basically did absolutely nothing for the football program...as a matter of fact Pederson has done a helluva lot more in the football world than $$$ Bill did.
-why is BC made to be the devil just because he has never coached or played here...do you think the South Carolina fans feel disenfranchised by Steve Spurrier who had no relationship???
-Is it because he cut back on the walk on program? This might be legitmate, but on the other hand can you blame a coach for wanting to cut back on the numbers? Jesus i just started coaching basketball today and i feel his pain, it's tough when you've got more kids than you do time and space.

But back to the Frost thing now that I've calmed slightly...it is an interesting read, but let's all realize that Frost is a Solich guy...which is also interesting since Frost originally told Solich he was going to Stanford because his system wouldn't put him in the NFL.
I was just making a point from their perspective, not really saying I agree with it.

My point of bringing up Frost's post, though, was just about how basically the entire football staff--not just coaches--are gone now, and it doesn't feel the same. And it doesn't. When I saw Osborne on campus (which, strangly, was often even though we got there after he retired), I would say "hey Coach." If I saw Callahan on campus--which I probably wouldn't anyway--I wouldn't feel comfortable to say shit to him. It is just that we were INCREDIBLY lucky to have the biggest family in college football here for so long, and to have it replaced with an NFL-style staff, it is a hard adjustment for some people.

I am a mix between the two, but definately on the progressive side. I was just being devil's advocate, because I sure as shit am glad that Solich is coaching somewhere he can handle, and not here. I liked the guy, and still wouldn't mind going back and seeing what he could've done with Pelini and company, but I am glad he's gone overall.

Again, just trying to throw another perspective out there--I agree more with you guys.
speaking of Ohio...this is the reason Frankie is there and not here.

Last year Solich signed a class of 28 recruits to Ohio. None were rated as 5-star, 4-star or even 3-star guys. That class was ranked #103.

So far this year….

Verbal commitments to Mid-America Conference schools:

--Northern Illinois: 11
--Bowling Green: 4
--Buffalo: 3
--Miami: 3
--Kent State: 2
--Ball State: 2
--Akron: 1
--Central Michigan: 1
--Toledo: 1

--None: Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan.

God i hate what he did to our program as a recruiter.
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