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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Equal Opportunity

Holy shit, Michigan State. You lost to Hawaii 84-62. Big Boi, let the lame excuses begin. Michigan State is the Number Five team in the country.


Lets discuss why you're such a d-bag.
You're the d-bag--it says so in the Quote of the Week.

You lost by over 20 to a team that used to go by the "Rainbows." Forgot to point that out last night.
Remind me, when was the last time Kentucky made a final four?
Remind me, who has the winningest program of all-time (including the best winning % over the last three years)? Who has 7 National Championships?

The answer is 1998. However, they are a few calls away from making the Final Four 2 of the last 3 years. If Keith Bogans doesn't get hurt, Kentucky smokes Marquette and plays Kansas. If they would've made a shot or two in certain spots last year, they're in.

So, yeah, it has been a while--in fact, if they don't make it this year, it will be the longest stretch in the history of the NCAA Tourney that UK won't have made the Final Four.

Wait a second...I thought this about Michigan State and their giant choke job against Hawaii?
I think Izzo should have spent less time worrying about those hostile, booing Hawaii fans and more time worrying about beating a horrible Hawaii team.
Don't read too much into this. Remember last year when a certain North Carolina team lost to the Broncos of Santa Clara. That happened right before the Maui Invitational as well. I think they had a pretty good season after that, didn't they? Hawaii's also a hell of a lot better than Santa Clara. They were picked to finish 2nd in the WAC behind Nevada and a lot of people have them getting a bid for the tourney.
TJ, I'm sorry but I think you would get pissed if one your players was laying hurt on the ground and the opposing crowd was booing him. That's one of the more fucked up stories I've ever heard. Booing somebody who's in tears because they're in so much pain. We should kick Hawaii out of the Union, we don't need that kind of shit in the U.S.
Big Boi,
We can both agree that watching Kansas and Kentucky lose basically simultaneously last night is one of the most beautiful ways to spend a monday night.
I was giddy.
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