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Thursday, November 10, 2005

God, who cares?

I just saw on Drudge that in the Congressional report on Rafael Palmerio that speed, or "greenies," is much more prevalent in MLB than steriods. Here is what The Smoking Gun said:

"NOVEMBER 10--Already rocked by a steroid probe that has engulfed some of its biggest stars, Major League Baseball may now be entering phase two of its drug scandal, thanks to a new congressional report. While a House of Representatives committee announced today that it could not conclude that Baltimore Oriole Rafael Palmeiro perjured himself during a March 2005 hearing on steroids, the panel's report on the Palmeiro matter, an excerpt of which you'll find below, includes bombshell allegations about the use of amphetamines, or "greenies." In fact, one player (who is not named in the report) told federal investigators that the illicit use of speed is "part of the baseball world." The athlete added that he even steered clear of clubhouse coffee for fear that teammates had spiked it with amphetamines. "I can guarantee you there has [sic] been players, when a team is struggling or a team is going through a bad streak, they will spike the coffee," the player told House officials. Dan Wheat, a former Texas Rangers head trainer, told probers that the use of speed was "prevalent" among big leaguers and he considered it a bigger problem than steroids. The report quotes Wheat recalling how he once asked a player, "Of the nine players on the field, how many took greenies today?" Wheat said that the athlete responded, "eight." Click here to download a PDF of the entire 44-page Palmeiro report. (2 pages) "

Bombshell?? Really? Is anyone on this blog suprised by this? OK, I guess that is not entirely fair as this might be the strongest concentration of jaded, skeptical critics this side of conspiracy sites, but are that many people suprised by this?

Baseball consists of a 162 GAME SCHEDULE. This, along with Spring Training (woo-hoo!), encompasses what, right around 8 months of the year? Not to mention winter ball for minor-leaguers? Seriously, there are some guys who play baseball almost EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. Not just catch, not just working out--playing or going to games EVERY SINGLE DAY. Does anyone really believe that any normal human can do this without a little help?


This rant brought to you by the letter "F," and the finger "middle" for Congressman that are actually using our tax dollars to find out that baseball players use speed. I just hope they don't get around to doing one of these "committee hearings" for salespeople that are going to go out tonight and drink 20 Red Bulls with npgage, Man in Black, Big Boi, Pete, and others. Because is there really a difference?

(Yes, I know there is a difference, but come on!)

Good times at work today. Anyone want to tell me why I ended up at the Razzle Dazzle last night?

I vote to nominate The Playhouse as The Official Strip Joint of Heavy Soul.
Ugg. To say that work sucks today is the understatement of a lifetime.

Got a little bit too loose last night, gentlemen.
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