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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heisman hopefuls...

So far it would seem to me, and most people, that the race for the Heisman is between Vince Young and Reggie Bush. I am wondering what you guys think. If it is between those two, who has the edge at this point? Who might be some dark horses or eligable candidates?

Leinart still has to be in there. That guy is just about as amazing at his position as Bush is at his. Vince Young is a better athlete, but Leinart is the better quarterback.
In my opinion, Vince Young leads right now, mostly due to the vote split that will take place between Bush and Leinart.
The darkhorse is Brady Quinn after his big game perfomances. Plus he plays for this year's media darling.
I would put money on Young right now, if I had to. I still think Texas will choke at some point this year, though.

And just in case you didn't see it below, Napa, I was just kidding around--no worries on this side of the table.
I think you have to put serious consideration for Sam Koch. That biznitch is punting the ball 45 yards a boot. I know I have pushed for our last 6 punters to get the Heisman nod, but I think this guy has a shot. If they would only let him punt more often...
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