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Monday, November 14, 2005

Husker Homers and Haters

I think that Nebraska easily has the most awful fans in college football. Why? Because there are basically two types. The collective intelligence in this state cannot rationalize anything between polar opposites on virtually any topic, the Huskers are no different. Here they are, followed by descriptions:

1. The Apologist-Nebraska can do no wrong. Supports the program no matter what, Solich or Callahan. Would come up with an excuse for Adam Carriker to anally rape a male tuba player on the field. Writes letters describing how LP is "misunderstood." Thinks Jim Rose is a great play-by-play guy. Knows very little about college football other than the Big 12. Wonders how people can live in this state without being Husker fans, even though The Sympathizer is the main reason for this. Consumate Husker Homer.

2. The Criticizer--Doesn't care what the Huskers do, it's wrong. Hated Solich, now hates Callahan and wants Solich back. Possibly wears an Ohio hat on occassion. Wanted TO fired for 25 years. Goes to the games and yells at coaches, players, and refs. The guy who calls into radio shows to complain about the receivers coach. Cares about recruiting way too much, this is the only thing that makes him happy because the recruits don't suck until they set foot on campus. The guy you always sit next to in the South Stadium. Probably dumb, always misinformed, never interesting.

I would wager that 75% of all Nebraska fans fall into one of these extreme categories. Either way, they are equally annoying.

I probably am Criticizer leaning, at least I find in this camp more general knowledge of college football and therefore a little easier to understand.

Your thoughts?

interesting...i might have slightly different classifications but the bottom line is that I totally agree, the Husker Nation is split right down the middle. I used to think that a national title in a couple years was the only way to merge the two but now i am not even sure that would. Let's be honest, if Callahan & Co. win the national title next year there would probably still be people calling for his head because he is "different"....F'ing insane.
I'd say you're pretty much right on there, Pete.

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As I have no doubt said before, I have never seen what makes Nebraska fans so great. Whether it is the retards writing letters to the editor or the drunk-ass, played highschool football, yells at the field after every botched play "fan" in the stands, I have never seen what makes NU fans so great. Granted, they might be better than other fans around the country, but bullshit is still bullshit no matter how small the pile.

As I have also said before I am glad to have some separation from me and husker nation. For me, the "great Nebraska fans" have diminished my enthusiasm for the Huskers a whole lot more than any athletic director, or coach ever has.
To me, Nebraska fans are considered "great" because they do things like give Ricky Williams a standing ovation on his way off the field after walking into Memorial and whopping our collective ass. They're "great" because it is the friendliest, most welcoming tailgate atmosphere that I have ever been around. Things like that.

It is interesting to see how people act here in the face of adversary. It's pretty disappointing.
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