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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Husker Patience

Pete, this is for you...
I know that recruiting is definately not the end all to determining success..far from it but it damn sure helps to have athletes. This is all taken from rivals but i think this helps my "patience argument." It also helps my theory that Solich sucks.

With ten weeks to signing day, the rankings of Big 12-North teams look like this:
I. Current Recruiting Rankings (Class of '06): (11/15/05)

1. Texas (24 verbals)
2. Georgia (24)
3. Notre Dame (19)
4. LSU (17)
5. Florida State (12)
6. Auburn (13)
7. Alabama (13)
8. UCLA (20)
9. Nebraska (13)
10. Oklahoma (14)

Other Big 12-North teams:

43. Kansas (9)
47. Missouri (8)
50. Iowa State (12)
51. Kansas State (6)
68. Colorado (9)

II. Class of 2005 Final Rankings---Big 12-North:

5. Nebraska

36. Kansas State
39. Missouri
43. Colorado
48. Kansas
58. Iowa State

III. Class of 2004 Final Rankings---Big 12-North:

18. Kansas State
27. Nebraska (Solich/Callahan transition class)
29. Missouri
42. Iowa State
49. Colorado
51 Kansas

IV. Class of 2003 Final Rankings---Big 12-North:

19 Colorado
28 Missouri
39 Kansas
42 Nebraska (Solich)
46 Iowa State
60 Kansas State

V. Class of 2002 Final Rankings---Big 12-North:

10 Colorado
14 Kansas State
29 Missouri
30 Iowa State
40 Nebraska (Solich)
58 Kansas

Here's my point...is Callahan a good choice? I don't know the verdict is still out but this helps point out how little he had to work with in terms of upper classman. Let's at least give the guy a chance until we see what he can do with some good players and players that fit his system. Solich and staff were getting out recruited by pretty much everyone which should never happen @ Nebraska. I think this staff has done a much better job in terms of recruiting, let's see if they can turn that into some success.

I don't dispute that recruiting has gotten much better.

I don't think you're going to get your chance to prove this system is going to work out. Right or wrong, he's out after next year if things go as I think.

I don't think it's the right move but I think patience is overrated.

Look at Spurrier, South Carolina was far worse last year than Nebraska was in Solich's final year, and he's made that program instantly credible. Weis with Notre Dame, although they have a shitload of offensive talent, has definitely upgraded that program.

My point is, why is it too much to ask that something like that happen here? We have the money, the fans, and the commitment.
The players that Weis and Spurrier inherited were much better fits for their inherited system than what BC got. And i would actually say yes that Spurrier has more to work with in his first year than what BC had last year...Holtz was recruiting some damn good players to S. Carolina in his years...Solich wasn't recruiting crap....unless you consider Dane Todd a good turd.

If Pederson fires BC after next year, the guy is dumber than i thought. We can't afford a contract buyout if nothing else...Callahan is safe through '07 in my opinion no matter what.
Good stuff, T.J. And I agree with Pete, too. I personally think that you give BC until this year's freshman class are seniors. That's (pretty much for sure) four great recruiting classes at the U for the first time since 1997. If he can't win with those, get rid of BC and Pederson, bring in a reputable AD, and go out and hire the best HEAD COACH out there, and let them run wild with the talent here. And yes, I'm referring to Bob Stoops/John Blake at OU. The exact same thing happened.

Of course, I want to win now. I don't want to keep a staff here for four years just to get four years worth of top-notch talent here, then see them get booted out. I hope that with a complete roster, BC will win. But if not, we'll be fine--go hire Glenn at Wyoming, who grew up in Lincoln (and on the same block as Devaney), and let him coach all these guys to a National Championship. Everybody's happy in that scenario.

Pederson and Callahan are a package deal. I will bet my left testicle on the fact that you will not see this program with one and not the other.

Furthermore, I don't consider Cory Ross, Josh Bullocks, Matt Herian, Barrett Ruud, Fabian Washington, Adam Carriker, and Richie Incognito nothing. In that group there are three Top 50 NFL picks, an injury to Herian who would certainly be drafted by the 3rd round, Incognito is a 2nd rounder if he's not insane, and I've heard Carriker can only move up from the 2nd when he's done.

I really feel like Callahan has underachieved. Apparently I'm the only one, but I really feel justified in saying that we deserve more out of a 2nd year than what we've got.
Have I mentioned Solich sucks yet?

For the record just like when he was hear, betting against Solich makes people millionaires...easy $100 bill in my pocket again last night.
You are making my case even stronger by bringing up all those guys...how many of them are playing right now???? I can't believe you think he is underachieving when the only 2 of Solich's good recruits are playing! Since when is any team ever solid with only one great recruit on each side of the ball out of one class?

Pete, don't think that you are the only person I am having this argument with...for god's sake i had an hour argument with my mother about this sat. night. I just see it differently and don't understand NU fans. The bottom line is that I am not sure BC is the guy but i just don't see how any coach in America could make this team worth a shit...it's like saying i should be fired from Raymond Central as the JV basketball coach because I can't get my one legged kid and his 5'2 brother to win a state title....it just can't happen.

On the BC/Pederson package...I don't see that either. If Pederson is as snaky as everyone thinks he is, he'll do anything to save his own ass. But further...how many AD's in america have been fired in the last 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? I'm not sure of the answer but I know it's not very many. AD's have tremendous job security and you basically have to be caught in bed with the star volleyball player to get fired.
Regarding the AD...I've wagered my left testicle, will you respond in kind?

Among those recruits I mentioned, I was referring to Callahan's first year, last year, in which we clearly had more talent than South Carolina does this year.
It's not even close.

I'm willing to give Callahan two more years, but I really don't think it's going to happen.
Now that i'm engaged i no longer have any testicles, so i'm not sure i can wager them.

As for Bullocks and Fabian they were the two biggest cancers on the whole team last year, they are not missed this year, period. Ruud was a stud but has been easily replaced this year in my opinion.

Peterson, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, we are obviously 2 great examples of passionate Nebraska fans being on opposite ends of the spectrum, a pretty good example of the Husker Nation as a hole. My only request is that if you are truly willing to give him 2 more years than support the program through them. There is still a bright future ahead, that i am sure of, I hope you look forward to it as much as i do. I look forward to hearing your opinion at the first tailgate I see you at next year.
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