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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Huskers getting the Shaft

So you've all heard about the mysterious lack of holding calls going against Husker opponents this year, and it was especially glorified right before the whole Slashing incident. I'm not one to complain about officiating much, especially after becoming a coach....you learn to never use it as an excuse...BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, this is F'ING REDICULOUS!
A little research into how bad it's been against the 'Skers this year:
Our opposition has run a total of ......
608 offensive plays this year.
333 running plays. (1 holding call)
275 passing plays. (NO holding calls)
Surrendering 39 sacks and 91 tackles for loss.
There were 2 holding calls on kicks but 1 was declined.

Nebraska has run a total of ......
594 offensive plays this year.
284 running plays. (3 holding calls)
300 passing plays. (8 holding calls)
Surrendering 26 sacks and 57 tackles for loss.

Now any of you that watch a lot of football (ok everyone here) realizes that a holding could be called on about 75% of all plays ran....and STILL, 1 FREAKING HOLDING CALL in almost 600 plays ran against our defense.
I'm Speechless, Callahan should take the fine and rip the Big XII officials a hew a-hole in his next press conference.

On the other hand, as bad as our OLine is and for Zac Taylor's sake they should be holding a helluva lot more apparently.

Wow, those stats are incredible! One holding call?? How is that even possible?

I agree with you, if I was Billy C, I would come out with guns a blazin'.

Additionally, good point about our O-Line and maybe encouraging them to cheat a bit--how Taylor is even standing at the end of the last three games is pretty amazing. The guy is a tough ass, for sure.

Also, thanks for lightening it up around here with something that is actually important--Nebraska Football.
I need to amend your entry. Holding could be called on 100% of all plays. It's a matter of to what degree and how it affects the play that catches the zebras' eyes.
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